Message from the Chair

Masahito Sumitomo, DDS. PhD


Chair of the Board
The Japanese Dental Science Federation

The Japanese Dental Science Federation (JDSF) started the fourth term activities on July 14, 2021. Since the end of the general meeting of member societies on June 2, 2022, the business of fiscal year 2022 has begun.

The general meeting in June was conducted using a large-scale online conference system.The COVID-19 pandemic did not only promote remote work from home, but also drastically changed the system of conference procedures. JDSF intends to actively introduce new approaches in terms of the new normal associated with the corona era.

I believe that the members of JDSF have already understood our federation’s justification for existence and are fully aware of the difference of the position between JDSF and JADS (Japanese Association for Dental Science). I would like to reiterate this point here.

In 1949, JADS was established by the Japan Dental Association (JDA). And in April 2013, JDA became a public-service cooperation. Since then JADS has become a major organization working within the JDA. In those days, there were outside projects that required the status of juridical personality in order to participate as an academic organization. This was also the same situation in the Japanese Medical Association, which established a body having the status of juridical personality. I would like to inform you of the current situation of the two projects that were the main purpose for establishing JDSF.

First, regarding "Contributing to the safety of medical care through cooperation and support for the medical accident investigation system by participating in the Japan Medical Safety Research Organization, as one of the representatives of academic organizations related to dental science and dental care”, JDSF became a member of the Japan Medical Safety Research Organization on May 26, 2016. The JDSF registered 100 individual investigation personnel from four Regular member societies in seven blocks nationwide as a medical accident investigation support organization in fiscal year 2020. In addition, with the support of the organization, the Medical Accident Investigation Committee of JDSF provided four training courses on the medical accidents investigation system in cooperation with the JDA. Through continuous efforts, dental personnel extensively improved the awareness of the prevention of accident recurrence.

Second, regarding "Participation in establishing a Japanese dental specialist system trusted by the people and society to provide high quality and appropriate dental care " JDSF and JDA cooperated to establish the Japanese Dental Specialty Board (JDSB) on April 1, 2018, and JDSF has been actively working in the organization as one of the 28 member societies. The JDSB has already carried out certification examinations, and the first dental specialist certified by the Organization was produced on June 1, 2020. JDSF will continue to cooperate in the management of JDSB.

In this way, it is important that JDSF exists as a dental academic organization with the status of juridical personality. Since March 2019, JDSF has had a small, independent office. As JDSF is operated by membership fees from member societies, it is also necessary to respond to their expectations.
As a result of our efforts over the past seven years, we have received commission projects by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, requests from the JDA for cooperation in dealing with the new coronavirus, opinions and questions from the public, and coverage from the mass media. Members should continue to demonstrate the JDSF’s justification for existence to society and be keenly aware of the need to nurture this academic organization. Together with our stakeholders, we will focus our efforts on activities that meet the needs of with corona era.

September 1, 2022

Japanese Dental Science Federation