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What is the Japanese Dental Science Federation (JDSF)?

The Japanese Dental Science Federation (JDSF) was established as a General Incorporated Association on April 1, 2016, with the aims of improving dental care and contributing to the health and welfare of people in Japan and other countries by promoting dental science.
Japan is one of the super-aging societies in the world, and is trying to cope with the aging of its population. In response to social demands such as the diversification and sophistication of medical care needs, JDSF is required to further promote dental science and dental care and to provide adequate information. Therefore, JDSF is attempting to establish evidence-based dental science, innovate dental technology, and promote international collaboration.
JDSF will work closely with member dental academic societies, the Japanese Association for Dental Science (JADS), the Japan Dental Association (JDA), and other organizations, and the entire dental community will work together to contribute to the improvement of the health and well-being of the people.

Main activities of JDSF

  1. Conduct negotiations with external organizations to coordinate member dental academic societies, promote cross-sectional research with close collaboration, and apply research outcomes effectively.
  2. Develop and provide a future vision for dental science and dental care as a national strategy for dentistry.
  3. Strengthen collaboration with the world's dental organizations.
  4. Apply and conduct public offering research proposed by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), and other organizations.
  5. Conduct surveys and research related to dental and oral problems.
  6. Participate in the Japan Medical Safety Research Organization, as one of the representatives of academic organizations related to dental science and dental care, and contribute to the safety of medical care through cooperation and support for the medical accident investigation system.
  7. Participate in establishing a Japanese dental specialist system that is trusted by the people and society to provide high quality, appropriate dental care.
  8. In addition, to conduct business and activities necessary to achieve the objectives of JDSF.
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